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ZX Spectrum Games  

007 - The Living Daylights          After Burner          Airwolf         
Arcadia          Archon          Arkanoid         
Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of DOH          Army Moves          Asteroids         
ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter          ATV Simulator          Back To Skool         
Batty          Beach Head          Beach Head 2         
BMX Simulator          BMX Simulator 2          Bomb Jack         
Boulder Dash          Breakout          BreakThru         
Buggy Boy          California Games          Chase H.Q.         
Chequered Flag          Chuckie Egg          Cobra         
Combat School          Commando          Crazy Cars         
Crazy Cars 2          Daley Thompsons Decathlon          Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future         
Disco Dan          Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure          Donkey Kong         
Double Dragon          Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge          Elite         
Enduro Racer          Exploding Fist +          Feud         
Finders Keepers          Flight Simulation          Flying Shark         
Football Manager          Football Manager 2          Footballer Of The Year         
Footballer Of The Year 2          Freddy Hardest          Friday The 13th         
Frogger          Fruit Machine Simulator          Gauntlet         
Gauntlet II          Ghosts 'n Goblins          Grand Prix Simulator         
Green Beret          GridIron          Guerrilla War         
Gunship          Head Over Heels          Horace And The Spiders         
Horace Goes Skiing          Hungry Horace          Hyper Sports         
Ikari Warriors          Impossible Mission          Impossible Mission 2         
Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade          Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom          International Karate         
International Karate +          Invaders          Jack The Nipper         
Jack The Nipper 2 - In Coconut Capers          Jet Set Willy          Jet Set Willy II: The Final Frontier         
Jetpac          Joe Blade          Joe Blade 2         
Kikstart II          Kung-Fu Master          Leaderboard         
LightCycle          Manic Miner          Match Day         
Match Day II          Mikie          Navy SEALs         
Nebulus          Operation Thunderbolt          Operation Wolf         
Out Run          Pac-Man          Paperboy         
Ping-Pong          Pole Position          Pool         
Popeye          Pud Pud In Weird World          Pyjamarama         
Raider Of The Cursed Mine          Rambo          Rampage         
Renegade          Renegade 2 - Target Renegade          Road Blasters         
RoadRunner          R-Type          Saboteur         
Scrabble          Skool Daze          Space Invaders         
Spellbound          Splat          Super Hang-On         
Super Soccer          Super Sprint          The Fall Guy         
The Way Of The Exploding Fist          Thro' The Wall          Thrusta         
Thunder Blade          Tranz Am          W.E.C. - Le Mans         
Where Time Stood Still          Winter Games          Wonder Boy         
World Series Baseball          Yie-Ar Kung Fu         


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