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Uploaded the uncompressed DV quality videos on the Commodore Amiga demos



Added larger animited gif (resarf-animation-1280x800.gif) on Turbo Pascal Resarf sequence page



Uploaded new website design. Added main menu, search results and breadcrumb navigation. Re-organized some pages and added new MIDI, Arcade games and Spectrum games menu.



Updated Treasure Crypt page with a new layout.



Added a Random Commodore Amiga music on the Amiga Music page.


I've added 3 reverse videos of Resarf The Multi-Scrolling Text Demo on the Turbo Pascal Resarf Sequence page.


The website has been installed on a new server. This is the reason why some download links and pages have not been working recently. All the issues have been resolved now.


The Amiga Music page has been updated with new modules and all the music has been converted to MP3 format.


I added a video of myself playing Wonder Boy on the Arcade games page and a new Resarf The Multi-Scrolling Text Demo video on the Turbo Pascal games.


I purchased the domain name www.fraserking.com and this redirects to this site www.fraserking.co.uk. At some point I'll move the site over to the dot com. Not just now because my web pages are cached in the search engines and I wouldn't want to loss all my link popularity.


Just about finished the
Commodore Amiga Demos page. Lets users download 18 demo videos I recorded from the Amiga.


The Ms-Dos Download and Amiga Download page names weren't accurate category names. So I renamed the pages to
Turbo Pascal and Commodore Amiga. Also moved some pages to the right category and renamed webpage names (To optimize for the search engines).


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