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Turbo Pascal utilities 

Note. With the Run links. For the best display, press CTRL + ENTER to change to Ms-Dos Full-Screen Mode.




Quiz (12 K)  Source code  Run

Three quizzes (Capital Cities, Computer terms and Maths Quiz).


Binary Conversion (8 K)  Source code  Run

Convert a number from Decimal to Binary and Binary to Decimal.


Find Day (7 K)  Source code  Run

Works out the day of the week of certain dates. Useful for finding out the day of someone's date of birth.


Lottery program (10 K)  Source code  Run

Type your six numbers in and watch how many tries the computer takes to match the same numbers


Ms-Dos commands


ASCII Table (7 K)  Source code  Run

A Ms-Dos command which displays the ASCII Table. Type ascii /? for help page.


Colour (6 K)  Source code

Dos command which changes the Dos text colour and background. Type colour /? for help page.


Sum (8 K)  Source code

A simple Dos calculator. Use this on the dos command line and type sum /? for help page.


Turbo Pascal utilities


Fix Tabs (7 K)  Source code

Some USB printers do not print on Ms-Dos and Turbo Pascal. This utility converts all the tabs into spaces of a Turbo Pascal source file. So you can print the source file in Windows.


Convert case (7 K)  Source code

Converts all the words of an ASCII text file to lowercase or uppercase.


Proc (7 K)  Source code

Goes through a Turbo Pascal source code and makes another file with only the procedure and function names.


View (N/A)  Source code

This is a scrolling text program and is similar to the DOS command MORE. It displays ASCII files and Turbo Pascal text files. Type view /? for help page.

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