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Resarf the multi-scrolling text demo instructions 


Edit Text:

This is where you can change the text of the scroll. There’s a max of 7 user text strings which can be stored. Each text string can hold a max of 255 characters. The more characters in the string the slower the scroll will be.


You’re text is automatically saved when quitting Resarf. But can be later removed or edited.



UP+DOWN : Views different text strings

RETURN     : Selects text string to be used

ESCAPE     : Cancels without changing anything


Edit Box

RETURN     : Saves the text you’ve just typed

ESCAPE     : Clears all text in edit box




The record menu gives the ability to record your own sequences. Simply move the cursor ‘X’ around the screen using the cursor keys. When finished recording go towards the arrow character in the centre of the screen. Make sure you move the cursor in the direction of the arrow for looping purposes. This is the only way to finish recording your sequence.



You have to make a sequence bigger than 255 positions and maximum you can create is 30,000 positions.


Left,right,up,down : Moves the X.

Escape                : Quits out of recording

‘V’                       : Views the control box

‘R’                       : Clears current sequence and restarts.


Once you’ve finished with the sequence you can now save it (using load/save) and watching the sequence.


Bottom left text is the co-ordinates of the cursor and this would be exactly the same positions on the demo. Bottom right is the number of co-ordinates.



Disk Menu

The main purpose of the disk menu is loading and saving sequences. There are 3 sample files (above the dashed line) and a max of 7 user files which can be created. Move the up and down arrow to select a file and press RETURN to select. When back to the main menu pressing SPACE will start the sequence you picked.


Other options in disk menu:-



Deletes an unwanted sequence



Changes the file to a different name and has to be 8 characters and less.



Imports (or copies) a file in the menu to another place on your hard drive. This could be used for copying a sequence. Use the Short Filename format below.



Export (or copies) a file from your hard drive into Resarf. Use the Short Filename format below.



Saves the sequence which was recorded using record. Type in a name for the file and has to be 8 characters and less.


Pressing RETURN cancels the operation. You can’t delete, rename, export sample files. Pressing ESCAPE quits back to main menu without saving anything. The size column next to name tells how big the sequence is (i.e. the total co-ordinates used when RECORDING your sequence.


Short Filename

Type the path and filename in 8.3 short filename format. For example, c:\temp\file.seq has 8 characters or less in the filename (file) and 3 characters in the extension (seq).

If the filename or folder has spaces or greater than 8 characters use the long filename format. Take the first 6 letters then append the ~1 to the end.

c:\temp\long filename.seq is c:\temp\longfi~1.seq
c:\temp\longfilename.seq is c:\temp\longfi~1.seq
c:\longfoldername\sequence.seq is c:\longfo~1\sequence.seq



Speed Menu


Resarf Speed:

Is the speed of the scroll in the demo. There’s 3 different categories Normal, Fast and Super Fast. Each category has 5 different speeds, in total there’s 15 speeds.


To change the speed you have to change the speedbars on the right hand side. To do this go to the option Resarf Speed and press left or right cursor keys. To alter the speeds more precisely press RETURN and using LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN change the speedbars accordingly. Press RETURN again when finished.


The speeds are Normal 1,2,3,4,5 Fast 1,2,3,4,5 Super Fast 1,2,3,4,5. Where Normal is the slowest speed and Super Fast is the fastest of Resarf scroll.


Stars Speed:

This is how fast the stars appear on the screen. The quicker the stars go the more stars are on the screen. The speed ranges from 1 to 10, where 1 is the fastest.


Clear After

This will clear the screen or background after a certain amount of seconds. The screen will only be cleared when the stars are on or when the computer and random is on. You can change the time it takes to clear the screen, from 1 sec to 10 sec.



This is special effects for Resarf’s text. Ranging from random colours to two colours flashing fast. The off options turns off the effects and uses the current colour 1.


Rnd Colours 1 and Colours 1 are similar. All the characters are the same random colour and every co-ordinate Resarf moves the random colour changes.


Rnd Colours 2 and Colours 2 are also similar. All the characters are different colours and every co-ordinate Resarf moves all the character colours change.



Colours Menu

These are the two colours in Resarf, changing these changes the colours in the menu’s and in the main demo. There are 15 colours excluding the black background. The first 7 colours are dark colours and the remainder 8 colours are light colours.


Pressing invert swaps the 2 colours about and default option restores the original colours (lightblue and white).

Note. There’s a restriction that you can’t use colour 1 + colour 2 with the same colours.



Starting the demo

Press SPACE in main menu to start the demo. There’s always a demo ready to be played. You can customize the demo with different effects, text, stars and different speeds. You can load a computer generated sequence or load a pre-installed sample or even your own sequence. Also you can change Resarf’s text and add in your own text which can be saved.



Demo Screen

This is the whole purpose of Resarf is to view the demo. Pressing ‘+’ and ‘-‘ changes the speed and brings up the control box for 5 seconds. If you press ‘p’ the demo pauses and pressing any other key resumes the demo. Also ESCAPE ends the demo and takes you back to the main menu.



How to use the menus

The main menu is the simplest menu to use. Press the numbers 1 to 8 to take you to a sub menu. Once in any sub menu pressing ESCAPE or pressing RETURN on EXIT option takes you back to the main menu. Starting the demo is simple, just press the space bar and press ESCAPE to finish the demo. If you press ESCAPE in the main menu it will quit the demo and take you back to Windows or MS-DOS.



How to use the sub menus

To use the sub menus you have to use the cursor keys unlike the main menu where you use the numbers 1 – 8. Pressing the cursor keys UP + DOWN moves the highlighted text up and down. When you’re on an option pressing LEFT + RIGHT changes the option.


In every sub menu pressing ESCAPE takes you back to the main menu. The options are saved. Some options require you to press RETURN or press a letter. Every sub menu uses the same keys (LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN). So if you’re stuck or trying to learn something new press all these keys and it might help (not at the same time).


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