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This is my collection of Commodore Amiga demo modules. They are from various public domain demos and games. You will need a program like DeliPlayer 2 to listen to the modules or play the MP3 files on Windows Media Player.


Click here for the DeliPlayer's website and download the free player. I converted all the files into MP3 format and extended the duration of some of them. Some of the music are from demos on the Commodore Amiga Demos page and also check this page for more Amiga music.


Listen to Random Amiga Music


Demo Title Size Format MP3 Download
After_Burner.jcb 87K JCB After_Burner.mp3 (6MB)
Astro_Marine_Corps_Title.mod 107K MOD Astro_Marine_Corps_Title.mp3 (5MB)
Axelf.mod 114K MOD Axelf.mp3 (4MB)
BA1.mod 97K MOD BA1.mp3 (5MB)
Baker_Street.mod 241K MOD Baker_Street.mp3 (3MB)
BeachVolley_Bahamas.mod 48K MOD BeachVolley_Bahamas.mp3 (2MB)
BeachVolley_Sidney.mod 34K MOD BeachVolley_Sidney.mp3 (2MB)
Blood_Money_Title.mod 169K MOD Blood_Money_Title.mp3 (5MB)
Brat.mod 58K MOD Brat.mp3 (3MB)
Carvup_Title.mod 59K MOD Carvup_Title.mp3 (5MB)
Defjamccsacc.fc13 26K FC13 Defjamccsacc.mp3 (7MB)
Doop_Remix.mod 329K MOD Doop_Remix.mp3 (3MB)
Double_Dragon_2.mod 249K MOD Double_Dragon_2.mp3 (8MB)
Driving_Force2.mod 59K MOD Driving_Force2.mp3 (5MB)
Driving_Force4.mod 47K MOD Driving_Force4.mp3 (4MB)
Driving_Force5.mod 65K MOD Driving_Force5.mp3 (4MB)
Driving_Force_Title.mod 61K MOD Driving_Force_Title.mp3 (4MB)
Enigma_Phenomenon.mod 216K MOD Enigma_Phenomenon.mp3 (5MB)
First_Samurai.mod 102K MOD First_Samurai.mp3 (8MB)
Freshhou.mod 216K MOD Freshhou.mp3 (6MB)
Fsong2.fc13 25K FC13 Fsong2.mp3 (5MB)
Full_Contact_Title.mod 106K MOD Full_Contact_Title.mp3 (7MB)
Fuzzball_Ingame.fred 18K FRED Fuzzball_Ingame.mp3 (6MB)
Fuzzball_Title.fred 11K FRED Fuzzball_Title.mp3 (3MB)
Gigicar_1989.mod 44K MOD Gigicar_1989.mp3 (4MB)
Gods.mod 313K MOD Gods.mp3 (4MB)
Golden_Axe_Level_1.dw 14K DW Golden_Axe_Level_1.mp3 (4MB)
N/A N/A N/A Golden_Axe_Level_3.mp3 (4MB)
Gonads.mod 9K MOD Gonads.mp3 (4MB)
Grand_monster_slam-Game.zip 45K TFMX Grand_monster_slam-Game.mp3 (4MB)

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